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Meditation Room – Monday evenings online at 7.30pm, Tuesday evenings in person in Hilperton at 7.30pm

Sound Circle – Every last Friday of the month. For private sound baths email or call 07989 404112.

See below for more information for everything that’s on offer.

Come and find out something new to enhance your life.

If you require corporate training or coaching in all aspects of communication skills, diversity and fairness at work, investigation skills, combating stress, harassment and bullying, leadership, management and supervision (including dealing with problem behaviours), team-building, and well-being and laughter at work, email or call me on 07989 404112 now.

Nic Walker is a hugely gifted world-class change agent. Warm, powerful, intuitive, innovative, intelligent, she will delight and surprise you with a deep and profound learning experience that will be a whole lot of fun too. She is amazing! Go do some training with her … now.”

Kath Temple, Director of The Lifelong Learning Company, founder of the Happiness Foundation and Happiness Magazine 


medroomposterDo you want help to meditate regularly? Every week we get together for just under an hour in non-religious guided mindful meditation. Mondays online, Tuesdays in person.

Beginners and experienced meditators welcome, so come and join in, and help your immune system’s balance.

Monday 2nd October at 7.30pm online.

Tuesday 3rd October at 7.30pm in Hilperton, BA14 7RL. Booking essential.

1 session – £7  or  3 sessions for £18 in advance (cash, PP or bank transfer)

I’m also offering a 5 Minute Meditation on the Resources page, along with a guided Gratitude Meditation, a Love Meditation and a Peace Meditation, and my YouTube channel with a free Bed Med Gold guided meditation and a Sun Med

Contact me if an alternative time or day would suit you better to join in live on-line.

…read more on meditation

I really benefited from the forgiveness meditation and…I came up with issues I didn’t realise I needed to forgive! In fact that night I had an old reoccurring dream…but for the first time ever the dream had a satisfying conclusion.”

Diane Hill

I have to tell you that, after last Tuesday, I have had the most amazingly positive few days where everything has just ‘gone my way’! Thank you!”

Maggi Little, after joining in a meditation session on the Best You Can Be

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gong sound bath from nic walkerA gong sound bath involves you sitting or lying down and letting yourself be bathed in the sound waves from one or more gongs. It can be a very relaxing and even healing experience, as it’s reported that the resonance from the gong’s vibrations can ‘re-tune’ your own energy frequencies to your naturally healthy state. Even if you don’t feel the reported health benefits of being ‘re-tuned’, what a story to tell your friends! Thousands of people like you have enjoyed this wonderful experience, so don’t miss out, book more.

You will need to bring something to lie on, a blanket and pillow, and some water. Alternatively, seating is provided. Gong Sound Baths are not recommended for people with tinnitus, HSP or in the first trimester of pregnancy.


Email me to be alerted to the next public sound bath or to book me for your organisation/group/friends.


for one or two people in Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wiltshire

I have everything you need for your own private relaxing, healing session. Come as often as you can for a regular top-up.

£50 per session (payment on per session basis not per person). Concession available for those wanting regular weekly/biweekly sessions.

Book direct via email or phone 07989 404112

A very powerful session which helped my mind to clear. I felt a positive release.” Sarah Davis

Helped clear my brain of all the thoughts and uncertainties and alleviated my anxiety.” A.Sawyer


Bring your instruments and voice, open your heart and join our sacred circle. We’ll be improvising soundscapes, sharing, laughing, and meditating to some good gong vibrations with a short sound bath or two. No musical experience necessary, and we’ll have some drums and instruments for you to shake, rattle and roll if you don’t have any of your own. Great for helping you transform your self-confidence and ability to express yourself. Last Friday of every month.

Friday 29th September, 7.15-9.30pm

Souith Wraxall Village Hall, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 2SE

£10  book now

What a beautiful evening last night. I had a wonderful nights sleep and feel refreshed this morning. Thank you so much.” Clair B


Barefoot in the FieldWe’ll be doing a #barefootinthefield stroll around the meadow. All the benefits of connecting, talking and laughing with another human as well as a little gentle exercise. Walking barefoot upon the earth can help to reduce pain and inflammation, improve posture and sleep, and give you some free microbes and electrons! More information can be found here.

Alternatively, you can walk silently, mindfully, and start to re-cultivate your connection with the beauty and awe of nature and joy.

Walks resuming in the spring

Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wiltshire.


Email me for meeting point


laughterroomLaughter has an enormous beneficial effect on us and our health – not only do we reduce our stress levels but we feel more relaxed, improve blood flow to our hearts, balance our immune systems and can even reduce pain. Laughter Room gives you space to embrace your inner-silliness, playfulness, spontaneity and exercise your laughter muscles based on the principles of Laughter Yoga.

You missed the last one, email me for the next!

…read more on laughter

Email to book sessions for you and your friends/group/club/colleagues/party.

“Went along for the first time last night and so pleased I did. Such a lovely friendly bunch, led by Nicola who excels in her profession… Still feeling the positive uplifting effects this morning.”

Dawn Charman

Email now or call 07989 404112 to reserve your place.

Aching after a great hour at Nic Walker’s Laughter Room last night.” And the following day: “Still bubbling today!”

Kathi Walker

Or book a bespoke session for your own group, like this Hen Do:

Thank you so much for the lovely photos and for the fantastic session. I’ve never done anything like that and I loved it. As did my beautiful hens.”

Lucy Rothwell

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Have you considered meditating? Scientific research into Meditation has shown that it reduces stress and prompts the body to produce DHEA, a chemical that helps regenerate cells, part of our innate healing system. But what does it involve and how do you do it? This evening’s exploration will look at its adoption by the western world as a therapeutic intervention. We’ll show you how to meditate and finish the evening with a mini meditation.

…read more on meditation

Email to express your interest in the next, or get a group together yourself and book me to come along.


Do you have fears, phobias or old emotional issues you’d like to be rid of? Learn EFT, also known as Tapping. I am still amazed when I see this truly simple technique work so effectively. EFT involves tapping with your fingertips at certain points on your hands, face and body. People have tapped their way to overcome everything from phobias of spiders to fear of public speaking, and reduced trauma and feelings of stress using this procedure. EFT has also been proven to help weight loss. Read more in article on EFT here.

Email me to express your interest.


Trowbridge, Wiltshire


Or email to book your place.

Thank YOU for a wonderful day. Both of us got so much out of it. I feel privileged to have attended such an informative but intimate class with you. The reason we made so much progress was due to the trust and feeling safe. Thank you for making that happen.”

Claire Stroud

Thank you I had a brilliant day, your enthusiasm is catching…I truly am a convert!…Ten out of ten to you and tapping! Thank you so much for an enjoyable and enlightening day.”

Marita Tjolle

 TAPPING INTO YOUR BEST SELF (Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Want to know more? For those with some experience or knowledge of Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) already, a workshop in the truest sense. Come with your questions, problems and curiosity to learn more. You’ll experience:

  • better set up phrasing
  • tapping in positives
  • telling a story technique
  • mirror work


£60 for those having completed Starting to Tap with me

email to express your interest in the next one

I had a fantastic day…the course has given me a greater understanding of how I can improve myself and be the person I want to be.”
Andrew Zuk
I would like say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Tapping course I attended yesterday.  I found it informative and very interesting and your knowledge, expertise and wonderfully relaxed teaching methods made the course a real delight to attend.”
Frances Nevin


Do you ever find yourself telling yourself off for doing something stupid? Or running an internal narrative on what is going on around you? “I’m going to be late” or “Come on traffic, get moving!” The way you speak to yourself has a profound effect on your physiology and the way you feel. Come and have fun for 2 hours exploring just how magical and powerful your inner voice is.
Trowbridge, Wiltshire or online

email to express your interest or call 07989 404112 


Ever wondered how your brain works? How you represent the world out there inside and create thoughts and feelings? A fun, practical one day workshop introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how to change your thinking to change your life!

Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Email to express your interest or book an event for your group. You can also download a recording of a live Intro To NLP training session on our resources page.


Are you the kind of person who sees a glass as half-full or half-empty? Do you usually see the good in people and situations or are you noticing the negative? Are you the life and soul of the party or the moaning mood hoover that everyone avoids? Whilst the former is very appealing, have you noticed that recently you’ve gone over to the Dark Side? But seriously – you can re-train your brain! Come and find out how at this 2 hour exploration.

Nicola can be booked to come to your group or business, nationally and internationally, to run any event or talk.

To book email

or call 07989 404112

Please note – when you book and pay for an event there will be no refund if you cancel. Nicola may, at her discretion, carry over paid-for sessions until the next event. Joining instructions, including venue details, will be emailed out prior to the event when you supply an email address.

These events are for learning purposes only. The information provided in these events should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.