Phobias and Fears

Phobias and fears can seriously limit what you feel able to do, but you don’t have to put up with them.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and amygdala depotentiation techniques are just some of the tools that have demonstrated that phobias and traumas can be dissipated in a matter of minutes.

You spoke to me at the end of a two day training course at Cheshire Police HQ regarding my rather random fear of bridges over water. Well, since we spoke I can quite confidently say that you have pointed me in the ‘straight and narrow’ direction!…I am a million times better than I ever was.”
Lisa Wilson

A phobia is a coping mechanism. The phobic reaction may have been learned very quickly, as in just a single experience with a spider or snake, or maybe even just one presentation that went badly wrong, but be assured, your brain/body has just made a strong neural connection at a time of high stress or trauma that can be undone. You may also find that your early experiences in life have produced a brain-scape that allows fears to build over time.

Here are three options for you, if you really want to get rid of what is holding you back:

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Phobias are often dissipated in one session, lasting up to 90 minutes, but may take more. For fears and traumas, further exploration of the causes and triggers may be necessary in order to help you ‘re-set’ the landscape of your brain.

There is NO exposure to the object of your fear.

I’m so confident I can help you, that I offer this guarantee to anyone suffering with a phobia:


And don’t worry if you think your phobia is a bit on the strange side, not only have I helped people with stage fright, lift phobias, fear of enclosed spaces, going up (but not down) escalators, electricity pylons, flying, planes flying over their house, walking across bridges across water, spiders, snakes, driving through tunnels, and simply driving, baked beans, fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING (yes, that’s a big one)…but also someone who thought the devil followed him home from the office every night!

The techniques I use work with both children and adults. The more extreme the phobia, the easier it tends to be to be free from a flight/fight/freeze response. And the earlier you start to deal with traumatic events and the fears they can generate, the easier it will be to reduce or eliminate their effects in your daily life.

Sometimes dealing with a fear can have unexpected results for the better in other areas of your life too:

Thank you Nic Walker for all you do and for helping me clear deep feeling’s of loss, fear and rejection that have been with me since the day my father passed away. I had no idea until our session – how deeply that interaction had affected my life right up to when I saw you. I came to you to ask you to help me clear a fear I had in the present which on the surface seemed totally unrelated to that interaction after my father’s death. It is only in our session that the memory came back and you decided that was what we needed to work on. With tears shed and emotions released I feel so grateful that I feel so different on so many levels. With the trauma of that day now well and truly behind me I feel really excited about the future in a way I have not before.”
Debbie Polverino

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It’s a strange sensation, I am beginning to doubt that I had this huge fear, although I know of course that I did, because I can remember the words I used to describe it to you.”
Marita Tjolle

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