Corporate Wellbeing, Stress and Laughter


Corporate wellbeing and stress management is a big issue. With budgets tight and staff levels pared to a minimum, you want happy, motivated, healthy people to produce great results, and to reduce the amount of time they might have off sick. When you invest in the wellbeing of your people, you are investing in the future of your organisation. You can enhance the mental and physical health of your people at work, and help to reduce sick absence, with bespoke stress awareness programmes. They may include effective ways to manage stress such as:

  • psychological and/or psychosensory techniques
  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • guided relaxation sessions
  • time management
  • best practice management/leadership/communication skills
  • making meetings work more effectively
  • combating harassment and bullying
  • stress assessments and back-to-work coaching (see below)

amongst other areas, depending on what you require.


OMV, who decided to make changes to the way they communicated internally as a result of bespoke Stress Awareness Programme


I have also had great success using stress assessments coupled to effective back-to-work coaching using cutting edge psychological and psychosensory techniques including Havening Techniques®, NLP, EFT, and mindfulness and meditation.

In a randomised trial of 5000 patients, psychosensory therapy was more effective in treating common mental health problems than Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or medication, and a single session of Havening reduced occupational impairment due to general anxiety and depression.

I can see people while they are off sick either at home or a mutually convenient location, in order to help them return to better mental health and to work. Between two and six sessions may be required.

Very beneficial.”

Allan Webb Ltd, stress assessment and back-to-work coaching

Call now on 07989 404112 or email and bring wellbeing to your workplace and benefits to your team.


And whether you are a big, medium or small enterprise you too can add laughter to the mix to get results.

Laughing helps social bonding and has long been known to aid creativity and communication and productivity in the workplace. Now researchers are finding there really are some great health benefits to letting laughter loose. Laughing helps reduce stress. It improves the sense of connection between people, which can lead to an increaslaughter reward cash & choc.001e in the levels of motivation and connection to the company. Laughing could also contribute towards people’s overall health and happiness.

I certainly felt much more energised at the end of the session.”

Caroline Williams

Possible effects of laughter include:

Please note: laughter, like any other aerobic exercise, is not suitable for everyone as it does cause some exertion and internal pressure, so people with pre-existing medical conditions or recent surgery should take advice from their doctor before doing a laughter session.

We use Laughter Yoga and natural laughter skills based on the physicality of laughing, not comedy or humour (although there may be some).

Contact me to find out more or for a quotation for team-building and/or stress-busting laughter sessions and campaigns. We do ice-breakers or full day events, all tailored to your specific needs and budget. Nicola can also train your trainers and managers to utilise laughter techniques to boost performance.

10/10 for professionalism, knowledge, delivery and helpfulness and friendliness.”

PR company, having designed a bespoke laughter session for their advertising campaign



These events are for learning and entertainment purposes only. The information provided should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.