Laughter in Bath

Laughter in Bath and the West Country

Corporate events and laughter clubs are not based on comedy, although there may be some, but on the very act of laughing itself. Incorporating Laughter Yoga, natural laughter skills and some activities to bring our inner playfulness to the fore. Laughter Room meets monthly to enhance our health and well-being.

Laughing is most likelylaughter stop playing old.001 to occur she we’re with another person, and being in a group boosts our chances of having a laugh by 30 times! Here’s why that’s so important:

  • laughter boosts your immune system
  • reduces stress
  • tones your tummy muscles and burns calories
  • helps you feel connected and make friends more easily
  • aids creativity
  • improves short-term memory
  • makes you feel happier

For more information on laughter’s health and well-being benefits, see our laughter page here.

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Corporate Laughter in Bath and the West

We specialise in corporate well-being and stress-busting – team building events, lunchtime laughter sessions and icebreakers in the West Country and all over the UK. Contact me for details.