Laughter in Chippenham

Laughter in Chippenham and the West

Laughter can improve your sense of well-being and happiness. Our Laughter Room is not based on comedy, although there may be some, but on the physicality of laughing. Based on Laughter Yoga and natural laughter skills, we’ll be letting our inner playfulness out!

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Laughing has so many great benefits for our health, well-being and sense of connection to others:

  • de-stresses
  • boosts immune system
  • cultivates connection and friendship
  • improves short-term memory
  • aids creativity
  • helps you sleep better

More details on laughter here.

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Corporate Wellbeing and Laughter in Chippenham and the West

We also specialise in corporate events, team-builds, lunchtime laughter sessions, ice-breakers and well-being days. Bespoke stress awareness training, stress assessments and effective back-to-work coaching.

Make Room for Laughter in Your Life