Laughter in Frome

Laughter in Frome and the West

Laughter Room is a monthly laughter club based on Laughter Yoga and natural laughter skills, letting our inner playfulness out! We’re not a comedy club, although there may be some, just a space to find our joy and laugh our socks off for an hour.

laugh because we're happy.001Have you ever had a really good laugh and felt great afterwards? Science is catching up with you! Laughing really could be the best medicine. It:

  • boosts your immune system
  • de-stresses
  • helps you sleep better
  • makes you feel happier

to name just a few of the benefits. Find out more here.

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Corporate Laughter & Well-being

We specialise in corporate well-being, stress relief (including bespoke stress awareness training, assessment and back-to-work coaching), team-building and laughter sessions to suit every need and budget. Contact me for information.

Make Room in Your Life for Laughter