Changing Minds

Training & Coaching to Make the Changes You Want

Your mind is amazing, a veritable sponge for learning something new. When things are going great, you might be forgiven for not appreciating just exactly how you do stuff so well, but when you are not working at your best, it’s time for a change.

You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are seeking a personal change or for your organisation to inspire change in its people, read on and see what I can help you do, and probably faster than you previously believed possible. I use cutting edge techniques in psychology, training and coaching, including: NLP, EFT, Havening, meditation and sound.

Classes, Courses and Sessions for Personal Wellbeing

Want to feel good for no good reason? Reduce stress? Or just feel more joyful in being alive? Come to a master class or an evening talk about how you can change the way you feel and act. Read my self-help blogs for inspiration (click ‘Latest Post’ in the side bar below or search for a particular topic) or sign up to receive a free weekly email of little observations and inspirations on life and change. Listen to a download/CD on how to relax and feel good, learn some NLP or watch a video of yours truly. Book me to come to you at your hen party, club or group for a laughter session. Read A Book for a Change, or listen to a podcast. Try a gong sound bath to relax and even heal.
A Book For A Change

Thank you for your brilliant, beautiful words – they seem to always hit just the right note for me” Becky’s response to weekly email

I love your posts”  Ruth Patterson

A book to hold close to your heart.” Beau, review on Amazon about A Book For A Change


Have you heard of Mindfulness and Meditation? Meditating relaxes your body and mind, de-stresses, and cradles you with a peaceful feeling. Join Meditation Room in person on a Tuesday evening or Monday’s on Zoom. For beginners, there is a free Five Minute Meditation, and free guided Gold and Sun meditations, with Gratitude, Peace and Love Meditations on the resources page.

One of the most beautiful guided meditations I’ve ever listened to.”
Debbie Delany, Romany Botanicals, USA, talking about Gold

EFT Tapping and NLP Training

Want to feel as if you are at your best more of the time? Which training event is right for you? You can learn a new skill or technique proven to banish fears and phobias, and enhance your confidence, like Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Neuro-Lingistic Programming (NLP).

Thank you I had a brilliant day, your enthusiasm is catching…I truly am a convert!…ten out of ten to you and tapping!”
Marita Tjolle, Bowen UK, participant in a Starting to Tap event

1:1 Coaching: Stress, Anxiety and Phobias

Have you got something you want to achieve? If you are looking for someone to help you on a one-to-one basis, pick up the phone and call 07989 404112 or email now. Nicola has helped countless people to overcome their fears and phobias and to achieve specific goals in their lives. You are more powerful than you believe and you can do it too. Phobia relief comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t notice a definite improvement. So you have nothing to lose, and you could get your life back. You can also learn and use techniques to bust stress, anxiety, depression and trauma with her help, and feel happier and more confident. Change your life for the better now.

[My daughter] came home transformed. I haven’t seen her really smile for weeks, she looked as though a huge weight had been lifted.”
LH, after her daughter attended with anxiety, stress and overwhelm

In the last week I have felt truly happier than I have felt in years…an incredible weight has been lifted and I feel free and so incredibly happy!”
Debbie Polverino, who came about a fear of driving, and found an unexpected cause and benefit

Nicola Walker is one of life’s magicians. Just to be in her presence is a guarantee that your mood will lift. Her NLP coaching skills are superb and I have recommended her to personal friends all of whom have reported that she has helped them where no one else could.”
Peta Heskell, Flirt Coach and food-as-medicine blogger

Thank you for an amazing, informative, fun and mind blowing time. I didn’t realise it was going to be this much fun to improve my personal interaction skills…If I haven’t told you before….you’re good. Very, very good.”
Lyndon Wright, MD in internet marketing

I am no longer a nail biter! AMAZING.”
D. Hill, artist

I simply have no desire to smoke at all, as you put it, it’s just something that I used to do.”
Andy Hill, musician

I was sceptical at first, but it works!”
Stephen K. who had problems sleeping

Call 07989 404112 or email now.

Corporate Training, Wellbeing and Investigations

Need top class training? Corporate clients can expect first rate training events designed to meet their needs in communication skills, making impactful presentations, stress awareness, combating and investigating harassment and bullying in the workplace, or how to find the right person when interviewing, amongst others. Call me on 07989 404112 or email me now to get this kind of response to your training investment:

This course far exceeded my expectations. The tone, pace, delivery and content were superb. Nicola managed to interpret a sometimes ‘woolley’ subject into clear deliverables with context and relevance. Delivered superbly and in an informal, fun way. 10/10.”
Roland Lewis, VOSA, bespoke Harassment Adviser event

The course was much more inspiring than previous, traditional courses I’ve attended. It was enjoyable and fun while dealing seriously with the issues concerned. It kept my attention well. I feel I have learned things I will remember.”
British Bankers Association, bespoke Diversity Awareness programme

Nicola’s considerable skills, attributes, insight and professionalism exemplify those standards that you would find only in the top percentile of training provider organisations.”
Dean Mortimer, Business Development Director, M3 Occupation Health

Invaluable and enlightening.”
Mid Devon District Council, bespoke Investigating training

You can also expect to give employees/managers a huge boost with some one-to-one coaching in interpersonal and management skills.

HR Investigations

Have you already encountered problems? Contact me to get incisive, authoritative investigations into complaints of harassment and bullying and other HR issues.

Nicola exhibited marked impartiality and objectivity, listening, questioning and reasoning skills, an analytical approach to the evidence, and the tenacity of purpose in getting down to the nub of the issues raised. She then produced a readable, convincing, concise report (with useful recommendations) to the set deadline.”
Phil Heeley, Department of Health Complaints and Employment Tribunals Liaison Manager


Corporate Well-being & Remedial Stress Interventions

Without happy, motivated, healthy people your organisation could easily run into problems. With prevention being better and more cost-effective than cure, wellbeing is being brought to the fore by forward thinking companies. Try laughter as an aid to creativity in the workplace and business performance. Mindfulness and meditation might suit you in combating stress and anxiety. NLP techniques are useful for learning how to better utilise personal strategies for overcoming obstacles, fears and super-charging motivation. Contact me to find out more about how some of these cutting edge and powerful techniques can help you get the most out your company’s biggest investment – its people – through workshops, on-going programmes, campaigns, team builds and icebreakers. Also available for schools, charities, and clubs. See more here…

10/10 for professionalism, knowledge, delivery and helpfulness and friendliness.”
PR company, having designed and delivered laughter session  for their campaign

If you’re having problems with people off sick with stress, I will assess how best to get them back to work and offer appropriate interventions to help them feel better fast. Don’t waste another day, contact me now on 07989 404112.