Nicola Walker

kahlilgibranNicola Walker’s passion is the mind. Her curiosity about how the brain functions, and exploring how and why people do the things they do, drives her to constantly expand her knowledge to find the most effective ways of helping people. Everyone should know the mind’s effect on their well-being – Nic helps reveal the person underneath the inaccurate programming and habitual thinking, so people can feel at their best more of the time.

She has been awarded an Honours Degree in Psychology and an HND with distinction in Business and Finance. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, and EFT practitioner trained to Level 2. Nicola has also undertaken training in an amygdala depotentiation therapy, known as *Havening Techniques®, a set of scientifically researched techniques to combat trauma, anxiety and depression. The Institute of Training and Development, now the CIPD, awarded her a Certificate in Training and a Diploma in Training Management. She is an accredited Laughter Facilitator, has studied the Science of Happiness with the University of California – Berkeley, and gong sound therapy with Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre, and Sheila Whittaker.gongmaster 2022

Once upon a time, she worked in a bank, volunteered as a motorcycle instructor and helped people set up small businesses. Later, employed as a management trainer, training manager, and HR training consultant, Nic acquired a wealth of experience. Working freelance for more than twenty years, she was an associate trainer of the erstwhile Civil Service College, assisted Drs Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in their UK NLP and hypnosis trainings, and had fun with the Flirting Academy. She investigates complaints of harassment, bullying and equal opportunities issues for organisations when they need an outside expert, and has held preferred status as a government supplier for both training and investigating. Amongst her diverse clientele are the Welsh Assembly, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the British Bankers Association, 1PM, Allan Webb Ltd, Surrey County Council, NLP Grup (Turkey), and M3 Occupational Health Services, to name but a few. She has designed a bespoke Diversity Awareness two-year training programme for a city client, a Stress Awareness  programme for an oil and gas company, as well as designing and delivering a laughter session for a large mobile phone company, filmed as part of their 2016 Christmas ad campaign.

Nowadays, she helps people in more therapeutic interventions to lose fears, traumas, behaviours, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve their highest good and guides clients towards feeling more confident, joyful and alive! She’s been particularly effective in helping people relieve stress and get back to work, as well as achieving specific skills and goals. In Trowbridge, Wiltshire, she runs weekly meditation sessions, a laughter club and gong sound bath sessions.

In 2017, she launched  A Book for a Change, with stories about how to change your mind and your life, and is currently working on her next book – a practical guide to de-stressing and finding inner peace. Life In magazine published one of her articles on practising meditation. Totally 4 Women/ Henpicked have published her articles on Woman of a Certain Age and The Secret of Domestic Bliss, and she has written pieces on harassment and bullying for the business press. She is sought after by the media (such as the BBC, Channel 5, Daily Mail, Glamour) to consult on and participate in programmes and features about human behaviour and the mind. Havening ConferenceIn 2020, she guested twice on BBC Radio discussing staying young and happy, and moving on from Brexit, and took part in a Healing Pool Magazine podcast. More recently Nic was invited to talk on Kinda Sound Radio about A Book For A Change, presented at the 2021 International Havening Conference, and chatted on air with broadcaster Kaye Adams about mental health and wellbeing.

She lives in Wiltshire, UK, and travels nationally and internationally for her work.

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*Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.