A Book for a Change – available to buy now


A Book For A Change is a book you can go to if you are having one of ‘those days’, open up any page, and read something useful, funny or interesting to change your mood and your mind. It’s a collection of stories, so you don’t have to read it all at once to be inspired to try something new.

I’ve just read the, ‘whilst I was loving living life, love found me’ and it brought me to tears! (In a good way)… thank you for the inspiration.”

Angela Grogan 

Nicola’s first book offers practical suggestions, tips and encouragement to un-peel the layers of thought-patterns and feelings that can keep us from enjoying life to the full. The way our brains are programmed is described and illustrated with entertaining, often very personal, stories of transformation.

Its pages contain down to earth realism that we can all relate to and learn from to help improve the quality of our lives. A book to hold close to your heart.”

Beau Dendy


From how to find love to parenting, faulty thinking, and limiting self-beliefs to overcoming fear, and the effects of bullying – there are many subject areas showing how the use of simple strategies and techniques like NLP, EFT Tapping, Havening Techniques®, mindfulness and meditation can help you to change your mind and your life. It is all indexed, so if you have a particular problem that is covered here, you can find it easily.

This practical and powerful book will give you an uplift as well as many thought-provoking stories and strategies for creating profound change in your life.”

Kathryn Temple, Success Psychologist, Founder & CEO of the Happiness Foundation


Loving the book…Every bit as good as I’d imagined it would be!”

Maggi Little, former librarian

This book is for learning and entertainment purposes only. The information provided in the book should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.