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You will find downloads and CDs to help you meditate and relax, an introduction to NLP, a video showing you how to tap using EFT, as well as my new book, A Book For A Change, full of stories to illustrate how you can change your mind.

For some practical help to combat anxiety and fear in the current climate, please refer to the free to view videos on my Feel Calmer page.

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A Book For a Change

Buy A Book For A Change now and find stories to entertain and illustrate how to change your mind and your life. I demonstrate how using techniques such as NLP, EFT tapping, Havening, mindfulness and meditation, on issues such as love and attraction, parenting, worrying, procrastinating, grieving and self-belief, to name but a few, can transform the way you think and act. More here…

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Foreword by Kathryn Temple

This practical and powerful book will give you an uplift as well as many thought-provoking stories and strategies for creating profound change in your life.”

Kathryn Temple, Success Psychologist, Founder & CEO of the Happiness Foundation


lots of insights and uplifting, yet very realistic, sage advice for living our life…I loved it”

Mr M. Charlton, reviewer on Amazon


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