Terms & Conditions

When you make an appointment with me or book a training event, talk or class sometimes you may find you have to postpone or cancel. Please note I am agreeing to provide my services under the following terms and conditions.

  • Private coaching and one-to-one appointments – if you cancel within one working day of your appointment you will pay the full amount. Payment is due in full on the day of the appointment. Payment may be made by bank transfer, cheque or, preferably, cash.


  • Public classes, sessions and talks – please note that generally I do not charge in advance for these. I can only continue to do so if people who book actually turn up and pay. If you cannot come for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible, or even better, please find someone to come in your place. Payments are cash only at the event.


  • Training events open to the public – if you cancel within seven days of the start date you will pay half of the fee (if you have paid in advance half of the fee minus any expenses associated with its payment will be returned to you within seven days). Payment for the event may be made with PayPal or by bank transfer, cheque or cash (and be returned in the same way unless otherwise agreed).


  • Corporate training events, talks and sessions for organisations – if you cancel with seven working days of the start date you will pay the full fee plus any expenses already incurred. If you cancel within fourteen working days of the start date you will pay half of the fee plus any expenses already incurred. Expenses, such as travel, hotel or printing costs, will only be charged where they have already been incurred prior to you cancelling and where they are included in our contract. All payments must be made in full within thirty days of the event. If payment is not received within 30 days, a charge of £100 will be made each time I attempt to secure payment. A ‘working day’ does not include weekends and bank holidays.