Wellbeing, Ions and Wi-Fi

The Sea and Negative Ions

There is something about the sea, and for me, especially the sound of the sea as it caresses the shore, that is almost instantly soothing. I always feel happy at the seaside.

Picture of the seaI know that the sea creates large amounts of negative ions in the atmosphere, just like forests.

Negative ions are electrically charged molecules that have been broken apart by the wind, water and sun. When absorbed by the body, they have the effect of helping to relieve stress and boost your mood-controlling serotonin levels. But, there was just something more about my stay at the seaside last week, I felt lighter and happier while I was there, despite being without my husband and dog. On my way home on Friday, I started to feel an inexplicable dread at coming home!

I wondered what it could all be about.

Wi-fi and Positive Ions

Meditating on Saturday morning, I had one of those light-bulb moments – wi-fi!

At the caravan I was wi-fi-free (and surrounded by the sea of course), but at home and work we are immersed in radio-frequency electro-magnetic fields (EMF) connecting our phones, computers and even the household appliances these days. These produce positive ions and put stress on the body. Usually, unless we’re particularly sensitive, we don’t notice their presence, but when your health is a little sub-par they may affect you more. I spoke to my husband about it and we decided to conduct an experiment over the weekend. We turned off the wi-fi.

Within 5 or 10 minutes we both noticed what I would describe as a ‘draining’ sensation, as if the heaviness was descending out of our bodies and into the floor. After about half an hour, we were both feeling lighter, more energised and light-hearted, an effect that lasted the whole weekend. I even found my dreams were more positive and uplifting too!

Yes, it was inconvenient not to be able to stream movies or dash off an email, but we had our mobile phones in case we needed to look anything up on the internet.

It’s back on again now as we’re working from home, but we shall be turning it off much more frequently and for longer periods to give and bodies and brains a break. We spend such a huge amount of time in a fog of EMF these days, it’s good to give ourselves some time away from it every now and again.

All that wisdom from a meditation. I knew it was good for you!

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