Blue Skies

Blue SkiesLonging for the blue

After so many grey days recently, hasn’t it been lovely to see blue skies again?

It’s funny, but even a couple of cloudy overcast days in a row tends to make me long for the blue.

Colour affects mood

Psychologically, the colour blue is linked to confidence, clear-mindedness, productivity, creativity and calm. Blue lowers the blood pressure, pulse rate and also temperature. That, besides the fact that it’s barely risen above zero degrees today, will explain my freezing fingers as I type then!

But seriously, if you need any of the above attributes, then surround yourself with a few appealing blue objects/pictures or just do as I did, wrap up and get outside to enjoy. You’ll get even more of a boost immersed in nature itself.

My Barefoot in the Field walks won’t start until Spring is fully here, but join me in Meditation Room or for a Gong Sound Bath for some similar effects on mind and body.

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