Snow! At last, it finally feels like winter. When I woke up Sunday morning there was this muffled, muted feeling to the world. Living so close to a road, you notice when the sound is different straight away. Snow! I knew it. I hurried out into the garden to take a deep breath of frosty fresh air and cast a few footprints – who doesn’t like imprinting virgin snow?

This morning I de-iced the fountain where the birds come down to drink. There are some crows, unusual visitors to my garden, having a go at the remaining crabapples on the tree. Mrs Blackbird chips away at the fallen ones. Pigeons are at the ivy berries. A robin peers quizzically at the dog as he snuffles through the snow. White dog in a white garden – winter wonderland indeed. Just need a guy in a red suit…

take a deep breathWhen you stop for a minute to look and listen, you notice the magic as it happens. The birds are feasting and soon we will be too.

But in the meantime, give yourself the gift of some mindful moments these holidays. If it all gets too much, just pause, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. See what you see. Hear what you hear. Feel what you feel as you breathe.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

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