A Pandemic of Fear

Having been subjected to stories about the coronavirus on the TV, radio, social media, newspapers for the past few weeks – fear is on my mind. To clarify – I’m thinking about fear, rather than feeling it. For fear puts the body into its stress response state – fight or flee! During that time, it cannot do what the body does naturally – repair, regenerate, relax, and renew. Fear, in effect, floods your body with stress hormones and depletes your immune system.fear of coronavirus

Infectious Media

The media is reporting that people should self-isolate (*please see your government’s latest guidelines/regulations, they are changing daily) – particularly those over 70 or with underlying health conditions; that gatherings should be cancelled and avoided. They are reporting that coronavirus has a death rate of 2%, 3%, more; that millions and millions will get it…But no one’s really sure of the figures because some people don’t even know they have it, and some governments, the UK for instance, are not even testing people. Ten percent of people with heart disease who’ve had it die, they say, and six percent of diabetics…No wonder fear and panic have gripped the nation, the world!

Change Your Perspective

You know what – if true, that means 90% of people with heart conditions SURVIVE it, 94% of diabetics SURVIVE. Millions and millions will survive it!

Take the required precautions*: wash your hands; stay away from people who cough or have a fever; avoid touching your face if you can, eat well, pop a few vitamins if you want, get some the fresh air and sunshine, sleep well. But every time they tell you how many die, hear instead the SURVIVAL RATE.

A change of perspective is a boost for your body!
Be well.


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