Recently I have been questioning my purpose in life. What am I here for? Why do I bother? Sometimes the pain is bad, work is slow, someone lets me down again, and the rain falls and the wind blows…I’m sure we all have days like these. Especially at this time of year as the days grow dark more quickly and we approach Halloween and Remembrance Day, traditionally a time of paying regard to the cycle of life and death.

Today the clouds parted and I got clear. “You can be such a dimwit sometimes!” I said to myself, laughing! “Don’t you even listen to what you say when you guide meditations at Meditation Room every Tuesday?” I do. But today, I feel it with every fibre of my being.purposeinbeinghereandnow

My purpose in being here and now, is being here and now!

It’s that simple! I am a divine spark having a human experience. I am here to experience living. Without my presence, my life, and all the lives I have touched, simply wouldn’t exist as they are, because life happens through me. I feel a tingle running along my spine recognising this simple universal truth. It’s as true for you as it is for me.

Why now, then? Why have I chosen this time, this era? What’s happening now where all that I am contributes something positive? I look around and notice a lot of stress and fear. There is fear about the planet and climate change, fear about war, crime, immigration, money and resources…so much fear. The reasons for such an abundance of fear interests me greatly (not logically but psychologically) and I feel called to do something about it.

I am here to remind you that you are a divine spark

So, here and now, I remind you of your spirit – that you truly are a divine spark. Part of God, if you choose so to believe. An eternal, infinite soul. A coalescence of universal energy – energy that can neither be created nor destroyed according to the laws of physics, only transformed – in this case into a human life. Consciousness experiencing itself.

So what are you noticing here and now, and what does all that you are contribute?

Fear is literally non-sense! It is a mind worrying about something in the future that may, or may not, happen, instead of staying present and creating something wonderful. Fear is imagination at work in a most unhelpful way.purpose is to bloom In my work, I have come across some unusual and effective ways of overcoming fear.

Having a healthy respect for what may happen to the planet and taking action is a reasonable thing to do, but being traumatised by fear is not. We can learn what we need to learn and move past, push through or extinguish fear.

You can positively create life that is up-lifting and joyful. Staying stuck in a down-trodden crisis mode is unhealthy, because you are here to bloom! My first task, then, is to rid myself of any more unfounded fears, and reveal my true unfettered creative spirit! My second, to help you blossom too. I am living on purpose. How about you?

Meditation Room every Tuesday in Hilperton, Trowbridge. Contact me for one-to-one sessions for building confidence in all that you are, busting stress, and overcoming fears, traumas and limiting beliefs.


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