Two evenings a week I run a Meditation Room – space where people can come and be guided through a meditation to make them relax and feel good. This week, one of my participants asked what I’d been doing at the weekend and I told them I had been to a conference about Havening Techniques®, one of the tools I use in my work helping people release traumas and change their minds. They commiserated – work over a weekend, how sad! “Are you kidding?” I replied “It’s like going to Glastonbury Festival. I loved it!”nic-paul-mckenna

I got to spend a couple of days with people interested in similar stuff to me. Granted it wasn’t The Who or Kanye West (one of whom I’d love to have experienced that weekend) but it was about making the best of your life. About releasing traumas. About feeling good. I met some brilliant people and we talked our heads off, swapping ideas and experiences. The speakers were amazing, giving demonstrations right there on stage with war veterans, rape victims and all kinds of other people courageous enough to say ‘enough is enough – I want things to be different in my life’ and who were prepared for this to start happening in public.

I laughed and cried. I felt excited and inspired. I made new friends and met old ones. It was a great way to spend a weekend. I felt re-invigorated and tooled up, raring to get my hands on someone who wanted to change their life for the better.

I didn’t have long to wait before I got to put a new Havening technique into practice, and it worked beautifully. A young child who came in shy and sad and left chatty and smiling with their brain biologically changed to release some traumatic memory in the space of an hour. I never get tired of the thrill of seeing someone change right before my eyes like that. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help it happen.

The next time you’re deciding what to do for the weekend, try learning something new. A change really is as good as a rest.

Come to one of my evening talks to find out more about Havening Techniques or book an appointment to see me to release trauma or simply change your mind and your life for the better. Or if you live in Wiltshire, come to a Meditation Room on Monday or Tuesday evening or download a guided meditation here.

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