Sound Bath

Recently, a client came for a sound bath, to be immersed in the resonance of the gongs and feel the frequencies of energy in her body. Before we started, I asked her whether she had an intention, perhaps something she wanted to let go of or to acquire. She replied no, she felt pretty relaxed already.

During my playing it occurred to me to clear and re-energise the energy centres of the body that some call chakras. I held that in mind for a few moments as I played.

Afterwards, she asked me whether it was possible to feel energised and relaxed at the same time. Yes, it is possible! I loved that my intention had translated itself into a physical feeling in her body, and that is was strong enough for her to notice.


Indeed, it has happened every time I’ve played. Whatever the intention is (and if the recipient has one that’s the one I, and every good sound healer should, hold to) – surrender, letting go, moving through grief, relaxing, love, get the creative juices flowing – that’s what has been felt and fed back to me by the recipient afterwards.

Intention is tuning into a specific frequency of energy. By tuning in, I mean imagining it vividly. How would it feel if you are loved, or calm and peaceful, or creative, or had moved through grief to acceptance and love?

I always ask someone to phrase their intention in a positive way. People often say something like ‘I don’t want to be afraid any more’, but you can’t tune in to ‘not afraid’. The mind cannot compute ‘not afraid’ without holding the idea of fear. It’s like when you say to someone ‘don’t think of melons’ – melons immediately spring to mind! Instead of ‘not afraid’ try ‘I feel safe’ – that works. If you don’t want to feel pain or tension in your body, try ‘release’, ‘ease’ or ‘comfort’.

Everything is energy

We are energy beings. Our bodies have energy. Even our thoughts have energy – you can measure the the electrical signals produced by the brain with an EEG machine. Albert Einstein famously said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

The client refines their intention and we both hold it in mind. The brain’s neurons fire. We are tuned into that frequency, and then we relax. As I play, it is translated into my movements as I strike the gong, and the frequencies emerge through the resonance of those mighty idiophones. They are loud. They dominate the space. The energy in the cells of our body start to synchronise with the energy of the sound. In physics, this is known as entrainment. It refers to the frequency adjustment of two oscillating bodies – the stronger locking the weaker into its frequency. When both oscillating bodies have equally strong energy, the systems move toward each other: the faster system slows down and the slower system speeds up until they sync. A physical change is taking place.

Change for the better

A human body has two main, and mutually exclusive, states in which it operates: a state of growth, allowing our body-mind to relax and do what it does naturally – repair, regenerate and renew; and a state of fight or flight, when action is required to keep us safe and adrenaline and cortisol flow. The sheer amount of sound vibrations multiplying as they rebound off the walls and ceilings, fills the space and temporarily confuses the brain. It can’t work out what’s going on like it does with music – there is no regular melody or beat. The brain can quickly give up trying to work it all out and relax into the present moment. The sound waves take over and do their work.

The more often you are truly relaxed and not worrying about what’s next, the better and faster your mind-body heals. So, when you get the opportunity, set your intention and fully immerse yourself in the good vibrations of a meditative sound bath. Feel the change for the better!

Book a regular slot with me for a private sound bath in Hilperton, Wiltshire, or email for the next public one. You can also book me for your workplace, club or group (prices start from £150. Concessions available)

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