Decision-Making Strategy for Xmas Trees and Life

Picking a tree

Just before Christmas, we went to get a tree to decorate from the local garden centre. On the way in, I passed a man and boy sifting through all the trees. They were still there when I left five minutes later with my tree.

“How could you choose that quickly?” quipped the man “You’re not supposed to walk in and pick the first one you see! We’ve been here ages.”

Decision-making strategy

He had a different decision-making strategy from me. His was comparison based. He had to look at every tree and compare to the ones before until he found the ‘best’ tree. A lengthy sort of strategy when there are hundred of trees to look at and there might always be a better one!

I, on the other hand, had already made a decision on how tall my ideal tree should be to fit the space and the stand. I looked at the first tree I found – ‘bit lopsided’. Looked at the second one and ‘boom’ – perfect! It felt right. I stopped looking and got the seller to wrap it there and then.

Be clear about what you want

Just like in life, you can compare what you have and what you think you want with what everyone has and what’s available, or, you can clarify your parameters and go with your gut. Of course, you can only do that with a little mental clarity, mindfulness, and trust in your inner knowing! Your feelings will guide you when you pay attention.

Take decisive action

So what’s it to be for the new year? Have you clarified what you want in your mind? Will you know it when you encounter it? And, will you take decisive action when the opportunity presents itself?

When I meditated about my intentions for this year, I received a message which resonated loud and clear – give sound baths. Time to take a step in that direction – I’ve booked a gong course with a teacher recommended by a friend. Meanwhile, back at the garden centre, is a man and boy still trying to decide…

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