Ever Do Something You Don’t Want To?

Do you ever do something you don’t want to do? You’ve been asked to do something for someone else, but you just don’t feel like going? Today was one of those occasions for me. Today, I had the very great pleasure of performing with Clarity choir.

I didn’t want to.

Going to sing four songs (and rehearse and warm up beforehand) in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, was not appealing to me, even though I usually love to sing with the choir. It seemed like a waste of a Sunday afternoon that should have been spent trimming the hedges in the front garden, writing, and sending out some work-related emails, along with a myriad of other jobs I had to do. Besides, I’d been feeling a tad down, restless and frustrated – I felt like withdrawing into my shell, not meeting people and performing.

But I went.

There is something about singing in a group, that focuses the mind. Just like meditating, you become aware of your breath, and the energy of the group envelopes you in its uplifting embrace. Like any performance/action, when you apply yourself, you are in the now. The present moment is all that exists – the breath, the note, the word, synchronising your volume and tone with the people next to you…No thoughts about hedges, work emails, or anything other than the music you are creating right here, right now, intrude. The energy of the group and the music resonates inside. All of a sudden, joy, peace and a wonderful sense of community starts to emerge mindfully from the shadows.

It’s the reason I started running group meditations. There is an undefinable energy resonating in and between meditators. If you’ve found meditating alone a little difficult, try some guided meditation in a regular group. We meet every Tuesday and our little group has expanded and our community spirit has formed beautifully. Nobody wants to miss one, even if they don’t feel like it, they come, for they know the rewards. You can search for a local meditation group or choir near you online. Go on! What are you waiting for? Find your joy, peace and group spirit. Make the decision to go even if you don’t want to. You may surprise yourself with just how good you can feel after all.

Email to book your place at Meditation Room. See events page for the next one.

Photo thanks to Clara Atkins, who runs Clarity Choir (Trowbridge, Bratton and Bath), if you fancy giving singing a go too! www.claraceciliaatkins.com

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