Yesterday, I suddenly found myself in tears for absolutely no reason I could think of at all. Nothing had triggered it – I was busy doing some mundane task, not thinking about anything in particular. It seemed to come from out of the blue. Some hidden sadness had welled up. Usually, I might do some EFT tapping or Havening to try and work it through, or even just tell myself not to be so silly and push on, but yesterday I decided to just let it be.

I let myself cry.

I really felt the sadness, even though I couldn’t attribute a source or a particular reason.

let it beI just sat there and experienced it as fully as I was able.

It’s funny, because this week, several people had asked how to let things go. You know when someone tells you to get over being angry with someone, or missing someone, or to ‘just let it go’, but no-one ever tells you how? So, I designed a little diagram of a sequence to follow based on the Sedona Method. Bringing that back into my consciousness gave me the idea that sometimes the way to let it go is to let it be.

Consequently, that’s what I did. I sat there with this feeling of sorrow, not knowing whether it was mine or some world misery I’d tuned into. Not thinking about it, just feeling it.

After about ten minutes, I came to a place of calm. My body relaxed. The tears dried. I took a deep breath. The feeling had lifted of its own accord. Underneath was a place of stillness and peace, of just being.

Of course, if I’d been with a client or amongst people, sitting there crying inexplicably for ten minutes might not have been a good choice! But, on my own at home, let it be was the perfect, mindful, response.

NB This is not a recommendation for those who are clinically depressed or suffering from anxiety or OCD. Seek professional advice.

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