Help Yourself Get Through Lockdown


How can you help yourself get through lockdown? We’ve all had a few ‘wobbles’. Those days when we thought that we couldn’t do another moment. When getting up or getting dressed seemed like a waste of time and energy. When we longed for a return to our old life. A better life.

You are more resourceful than you think

In those moments, it’s worth remembering, that thinking is something you do, not just something that happens to you. You can decide whether to get on a train of thought and wallow in misery, or stand on the platform and wave it through!
macchu picchuThere were several times when I thought I couldn’t make it all the way to Macchu Picchu, but I set my mind to it and I did.
That is your super-power. Choice.
Your first step is to notice what you’re thinking. Every time you notice it veering towards the gloomy – change it!
It can be difficult to change your thinking when your environment is the same four walls you’ve been seeing for weeks! So, in dark moments, it’s useful to have a handy reminder of your resourcefulness, your spirit. It will help you change the way you think and feel.

Remind yourself of your spirit

So, while you’re in a good frame of mind, go back through your old photos and find the qualities that make you feel good, and/or the times when you felt at the top of your game.
make a course correctionThen make yourself a collage to remind you. Stick it on the fridge or near the mirror, or set it as wallpaper on your phone/laptop. No need to post pics on social media – although, if you do, post just one a day every day for a few days to get the most benefit.
Great Barrier ReefAs you look at it, see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel how good you felt. Take a moment to savour it. Your circumstances may be different now, but you have all that resourcefulness, all that spirit, all those experiences inside you to help you get through.
Be grateful for those experiences. Know that they’re stored safely inside. Also remember the planning they took. The anticipation. Remember that they probably weren’t without risk. Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef definitely had it’s risky moments – I balked when I saw the size of the sea life – but I did it! You can plan now for the things you’d like to do when you get out again too. It’s always useful to have something to look forward to, and research suggests that planning and anticipating a trip can make you happier than actually taking it! Keep it positive.
Now return your attention to the present moment and count all your blessings here too. ‘I’m alive.’ ‘I am safe right now.’ ‘I’ve come through stuff before.’ You certainly have. You can help yourself get through this lockdown too.
See my Feel Calmer and More Resilient page for more help.
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