Just Chilling – Cool Vibes & Entrainment

Just chilling in the sunshine in a beautiful pub garden at the edge of the Mendips listening to the cool vibes of some jazz funk – that’s where you’d have found me Saturday afternoon. My husband was playing with his band and the afternoon was perfect – not too hot, not too breezy, not too busy. The low hum of people chatting and the smooth rhythms of the music, gently soothed away all the stresses and strains of the week. I relaaaaaaxed.just chilling cool vibes

I had no concept of time passing – it was only evident in the transition of one song to the next. I could have been there for hours or days. Breathing gently. Aware of everything – the sounds, sights, smells and sensations – but no thing in particular. I let the music flow through me. The resonance of the frequency of energy of the music started to entrain the resonance of my own atoms until all was ‘one’. That happy state of simply being, not thinking.

Good vibrations. Cool vibes. We say it all the time – and we are right. We do pick up on the energy around us and it can make us feel a certain way. So, if you want to feel differently, changing your environment is a surefire way of helping you to do so.

But remember too, we give out energy vibes as well as receive them. When we’re steadfast, unwavering in our mood, we will start to entrain the energy of those around us. That’s one of the principles of physics – the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. So make sure you’re giving off some good vibes this week and spread a little happiness.

You can chill and synchronise your atoms with our Meditation Room group in Hilperton every Tuesday at 7.30pm, online on a Monday, or have a Gong Sound Bath.

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