Near Death Experience

You’ve probably heard about near death experiences. You know the ones, where someone on the brink of death, sees a white light, a tunnel appearing before them, and feels the enveloping love of God or meets a long lost relative. I had one myself whilst nearly drowning in Mexico. All of a sudden in the pounding surf, fighting for air, I relaxed, and was enveloped in a beautiful turquoise-white light. I felt floaty and calm, totally at peace, and yes, pure love.floatyandcalm Then my feet found the sandy sea-bed and pushed up with all their might and I surfaced and struggled back to shore. I say, my feet saved me, because it certainly wasn’t ‘me’ at that point, ‘I’ was enjoying the turquoise-white loving light. But have you ever heard of a near life experience?

Near Life Experience

Some come back from their near death experiences with a resolve to live life fully. Carpe diem becomes their new motto, and they do all kinds of things they never did before. And whilst reflecting on this, it dawned on me that more often people seem to have near life experiences. They go from day to day repeating exactly the same actions and behaviours like an automaton, and before they know it, ten, twenty years have passed, maybe even their whole lives.

Deathbed Regrets

Surveys of the top regrets of people on their deathbeds reveal that indeed people do regret not living fully, not being more authentically themselves, working in a job or jobs that didn’t fulfil them, and not paying enough attention to or spending enough time with, and loving, their partners, family and friends. It seems that deathbed reflections often linger on the regrets.

So, where are you going through the motions in your life? What does that little voice whisper to you in quiet moments? What do you wish you’d done or could do? How does your ideal life differ from the one you’re living? If you can answer any of those questions then maybe it’s time for a change.

Change can be scary, uncomfortable and loaded with logical reasons why you shouldn’t: I haven’t got enough money; I have to pay the rent/mortgage; my partner wouldn’t like it; I’m too old…but what if you could? What if the very reason you are on this earth in this time and place is to do that very thing – learn that new skill, study that language, love more, find fun in your work, explore, create? What would you do and how would you be if you could?

People often make bucket lists of things to do before they die – but why wait until you get a bad diagnosis from your doctor? Why start now? Yes, that’s right – read that again. Not ‘why not start now’, we’ve been through the reasons not to, why start now? Consider the reasons to do those things and be that way, and feel the excitement of the miracle that is being alive.

Taking The First Step

Every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Change may be scary, but maybe it is alright to feel a everyjourneyof1000mileslittle fear and do it anyway. It gives you that surge of adrenaline, energy, and excitement. Everything you’ve ever done had a first time. As a toddler, did you not persevere in your attempts to walk even though you fell over repeatedly? Did you ride perfectly the first time you got on a bike or did it take a bit of falling off and some friendly help before you got it? Did reading these very words once seemed like an impossible task to your younger self?

Could it be that you are more powerful than you think! You’ve accomplished many things that were daunting, scary or uncomfortable at the beginning that now seem commonplace and normal. You did them anyway. Now is not the time to stop and coast, letting weeks slip by into years. Now is the time to spread your wings and see what being really alive is for you. Pay heed to that little voice inside, it comes from a big powerful place – your soul. There may be people who won’t like you for the decision to create a new reality, they are comfortable with you as you are, but perhaps you’ll like yourself a whole lot more.

Opportunities Abound

You can create a transformative cycle when in the stillness of a moment you hear the little voice call. It starts with a feeling – discontentment, desire or curiosity perhaps. Followed by a thought – what would it be like if I…? Then, whilst going mindfully about your life, spotting an opportunity. Then bam! taking some action – that first step. This will result in another feeling, thought, action and so on until, before you know it, you have transformed your experience of living. The opportunities are always there when you are fully present in the moment, rather than at the mercy of your subconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour. You know, the ones that keep you ticking over while your mind is occupied. Indeed, maybe in transforming your thinking you won’t need to go anywhere or change jobs at all, you will find that all that you want, need and desire is already right here.

Or – you could be on your deathbed, in years to come, regretting your near life experience too. Your choice.

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