Every morning I switch on my laptop and I get inspiring messages from my friend, Kath Temple, loving messages from Mastin Kipp, heartening messages from Bridget Clapham, provoking messages from Alex Sinclair, thoughtful messages from Ben Tipney and Jacqueline Davis, and loads more people who take time to put into the world what seems to be missing.

So many people just bitch and moan about the government, religion, wars, corporate greed, consumerism, instant gratification, and so on, and I’m not above ranting at the national television ‘news’ myself. I say news in inverted commas, as it seems to be short for ‘bad news designed to make you fearful’ – what is new in the field of disaster, death and debt coming to a place near you soon – and so I’ve stopped watching the TV news and reading papers.

What seems to me to be lacking are news reports about happiness, change for the better, healthy farming and eating practises, co-operation, love, and making a mistake, learning and doing it better next time. You have to seek out ‘news’ like this if you want to see it or be inspired about what is humanly possible.

And then it struck me that the good stuff isn’t ‘news’ at all, because it’s not new. Having a happy, curious mind is innate (with a few exceptions). It’s our experiences of life and the meanings we have given them that cause us to lose this connection to our inner joy and wonderment at what the world has to offer. So it most certainly is ‘news’ when we find new ways to muck up the planet and cause people to fear for their well-being, health or safety.

bethechangeSo I thank Kath, Mastin, Bridget, Alex, Ben, Jacqueline, Gary Craig, Dawson Church, Nick Ortner, Hay House, Oprah Winfrey, and the many thousands of others for their efforts to give what is lacking in the world. I have helped many people to lose their fears and phobias and to reconnect to their confidence in being perfectly themselves, and in so doing, have confidently overcome a few fears of my own. I remember what Richard Bandler always used to say about hypnosis when inducing trances in people “Go first!” It also applies in the wider world. If you want to feel loved, then give love. If you want to feel joy, give joy. If you want to feel happiness, inspiration, provoke change for the higher good – go first. Be the change you want to see in the world. I take my hat off to those who help us to reconnect to our innate happy, healthy self. Let’s take it global and spread the word!

Come to one of my events and learn how you can give what is missing too! See events page for details of Train Your Brain – Looking on the Bright Side or Starting to Tap, for example.

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